Creative Studio Design Collection A Material Reservoir Of Wedding Dress Photos And Children's Template Design Set of the latest national major exhibitions, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and other exhibition’s quality products, and undertake the whole thing of the major design shows’ the latest content, and unite hundreds of joint photo studios, studios, photo shoot and its advertising design company launches thousands of sets of fine-level the latest material PSD design source files! This set of PSD source files, not only the overall shortcut of your design, but also the necessary fine thing that you learning to become a top design expert! the source can be used directly, or a slightly modified to become a standard design work, and you also can learn one of the production techniques, composition, filters, camera angles and so on. For this set of photo gallery has a very good use effects to the young’s romantic style advertising, entertainment, and wedding photo studio! In the source file, part of it retains the original character models, only for design reference, replace it when using it, and you can also let the customer to see the effective picture, it’s very beautiful! It may be said that a book in hand,no need to worry ! Each work meets the requirements of printing with very high precision; resolution ratio is in 250DPI-300DPI, can meet any design and printing requirements.

46 DVD, over 200 G large volume,5600 piece of moldboards ★ Hardcover top grade catalog album, browse easily, and also easy for customers to choose directly.

Full PSD layered source file, high-resolution pixel.

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Creative Studio Design Collection

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